January 31, 2016


We were founded on the belief that traditional fund administration platforms needed to evolve into a much more comprehensive multi-service offering. This enables the fund manager to maximize their service delivery by dramatically increasing fee efficiency and scalability. At Theorem, traditional core services of fund administration and investor reporting are uniquely and seamlessly packaged with a comprehensive tax offering for both the fund and the investment manager.

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Fund Accounting:

  • Calculate fund level Net Asset Value (NAV)
  • Allocate gross profit to investors including hot issue income and side pockets
  • Calculate investor level management fees and incentive fees/carried interest
  • Calculate performance statistics for the fund and investors
  • Prepare GAAP or IFRS year-end financial statements
  • Prepare Fund Fact Sheets
  • Coordinate audit activities with the fund’s auditor
  • Maintain general ledger level reporting and a comprehensive audit trail

Portfolio Accounting:

  • Independently verify prices and corporate actions for listed securities
  • Capture trading activity from OMS systems
  • Maintain security positions with support of variety of tax-lot relief methods
  • Reconcile cash, positions, and transactions
  • Deliver robust portfolio level reporting including period-end positions and P&L

  • Deliver subscription documents to prospective investors
  • Complete Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) verifications
  • Send capital transaction confirmation notices
  • Generate and distribute capital call notices
  • Generate period-end investor statements

  • Assist with the bank account opening process with partner banks
  • Act as dual signer on the account to add a level of security
  • Review wire requests and prepare transactions for release by the fund manager
  • Reconcile cash activity

  • Prepare fund level tax return and investor Schedule K-1 documents
  • Prepare management company and general partner tax return and partner Schedule K-1 documents
  • File both federal and state tax returns
  • Consult on matters including tax planning and compliance

  • Reconcile cash and transactions
  • Prepare financial statements
  • Setup annual budget